Tennis Ball Object Catching Robot – Toto



The intention of this work is to create a new transport technique in manufacturing. In fully automated production systems, parts should be transported between workstations by robotic throwing and catching. There are two solution approaches to the transport-by-throwing task: aimed throwing (always hit the target) or active catching (tracking the catching device).

The work of University students in Kunzelsau and Vienna, it is actually a prototype for new transport systems for industrial robots. Though they don’t list any specific instances where this is a practical method of transport, we think maybe a tennis ball factory would be a good place to start.

This is a successful first implementation of the active catching approach. Until now only tennis-balls are caught. A single standard gray-value camera observes the flight. An industrial gantry-robot tracks a mechanical gripper to a predicted interception position.

TOTO – tracking of thrown objects from Dennis Barteit on Vimeo.

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