A Robot that Bring you beer automatically – BREWSTER

BREWSTER was developed to take cold beers from the fridge and bring it to you by itself. It is script controlled and it’s using Ezb and roomba platform. Amazing what you can do with a hack saw and a drill.

beer robot

The robot started as a roomba but has been heavily re-purposed with the addition of a mechanical arm on top of the chassis.

This not only lets BREWSTER grip a can of beer, but it can first open the mini fridge and reach far enough inside to get one from the back. This requires no modification to the refrigerator, but the low clearance of the roomba does call for a mini-fridge sitting at floor level. Check out a demo run in the video after the break. We think the current version is running on a pre-coded route; this project is just waiting for a spin-off that has mapping and machine vision.

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