Arduino Lessons for Robotic Beginners Part 1/3

Arduino Lessons – Episode 1

arduino lessons for robotics beginners

This is our very first episode of Arduino Lessons for robotics beginner. In this episode we introduce ourselves and talk a little about what is coming up. Hint: It is Arduino, Raspberry Pie, PIC Chips, Circuit Design and PC Board Manufacturing. Fun stuff!


Introducing the Arduino –  Episode 2

In this, our 2nd Arduino Lessons of this new show we take a look at the Arduino and everything it can do. Then we get our hand dirty by creating a couple of programs (called Sketches in the Arduino). The programs are very simple, so do not worry, no prior programming experience is necessary.

Adding Buttons To Our Arduino Project – Episode 3

In this Arduino Lessons for robotic beginners we pick up where we left off last week and add in a breadboard with some buttons to show how the Arduino can take input from the outside using something as simple as a button.

We also cover what button bounce is and some features that are built into the Arduino that will pull a pin to high so that you do not need a resistor in the button circuit. Lots of good stuff this week.

Adding an LCD display to the Arduino –  Episode 4

This week we are going to show how simple it is use an LCD with an Arduino. We will use the LCD in future episodes to output information from Sensors and for debugging other applications.

We will give you a schematic so you can quickly connect an LCD to your Arduino. You will learn how to scroll text, blink text and much more.

More LCD and I2C fun with the Arduino – Episode 5

This week we continue the LCD discussion and show you how we got a serial (I2C) interface to an LCD to work. We also show you a graphical display and the start of a new library we are creating for it.

We also, ordered and received since our last show the LCD shield from sainsmart. We show you the simple change you need to make to the sample sketches to get them to work with this shield. Also, how they implemented to buttons to save the number of pins used. Hope this Arduino Lessons is useful to you.

Sensor Fun With Arduino: 1 Massive Failure, but for Successes – Episode 6

This Arduino Lessons we have some sensor fun. We play with 5 different sensors connected to the arduino. And you get to watch as we have a colossal failure with one of the sensors. We did not edit it out so you get to see the problems we had. Funny how things stop working when it is show time.

We show you the Virtuabotix DHT11 Digital Temperature / humidity sensor, The Virtuabotix MMA7361 Three Axis Accelerometer, the HC-SR501 Human Sensor Module (motion detector), The Ultrasonic HC-SR04 Distance Sensor, and our big failure this week, the SainSmart Color Recognition / Discrimination Sensor TCS3200d / TCS230D.

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