Arduino Lessons for Robotic Beginners Part 3/3

Introduction to Zigbee and Xbee in Arduino Robotic Lesson– Episode 13

This week start the introduction to wireless communication using Zigbee with the Xbee radios from Hope this arduino robotic lesson is useful to you!

arduino lessons for robotics beginners

Last Part:

Remote Controlling a Servo Over Wireless With Zigbee – Episode 14

This week we pick up where we left off from last week and remote control a servo wirelessly using Zigbee. We use the xbee module on 2 arduinos. We even do a little on the fly coding to remote control the servo in small steps.

You will be amazed at how simple it is to do!

RFID With An Arduino – Episode 15

This week’s arduino robotic lesson we take an RFID reader and attach it to an arduino. We first show you how the RFID reader works by sending in the TAGID on the RFID Tag. Then we are going to take our project from episode 11 that takes keypad input and attach the RFID reader to create a 2 factor authentication system to simulate allowing access into a secure space.

Raspberry Pi Basics and a Ustream checker – Episode 16

This week we finally are taking a closer look at the Raspberry Pi, show you where to get Raspian Wheezy, how to load it onto the SD card.

Then we do some basic control of an LED with the built in GPIO port by making it blink by writing a script in python to blink the LED.

Then, for our final demonstration, we take the Ustream check we did in episode 10 and re-create it in python on the Raspberry Pi and turn on the LED if our stream is up. Plus we also are capturing some statistics data.

Shift Registers And An Arduino – Episode 17

This week we attach a shift register to an Arduino to demonstrate how to use a shift register to multiply the number of outputs that you can have on an Arduino.

This is our first week on using shift registers and we go over the basics of sending the serial data to the shift register from the Arduino.

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