Biped Humanoid Robot – Red Dragon

This Humanoid Robot is called Red Dragon, built by [giannhsitia]. It is a biped robot with 5 degrees freedom per leg! The robot has the ability to walk forwards, backwards and change direction without using the sixth degree of freedom that is usually required. The way of walking based on a balance of one leg (single support) and not the 2 together as human.

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The height of the robot is 34 cm and the foot length and width are 29 cm and 15 cm. It weights 1.185 pounds.. The robot is controlled by the user but also works on some kind of sensors.

biped humanoid robot 5

Objective of This Humanoid Robot

The result of this robot is a little different from what was in the initial design. This is actually a second attempt as a previous one did go too well in terms of balance.

biped humanoid robot1

biped humanoid robot2


The Robot Design

The humanoid robot was designed from before it was constructed in 3D Studio Max in real dimensions, so it was possible to run some simulations for the balance in movement and  see the  structure in motion.

biped humanoid robot3


Construction Material

The Robot is based on the Arduino board, a sensor Shield which allows external power for the actuator. Parts of the robot is made of 20 aluminum pieces, relatively difficult to buy them from somewhere that is suitable for this project.

Programming the Robot

The coding is based on the Arduino library servo.h, using the digital pins from 2 to 11 and for the handling of a panel created in visual Basic .NET which means that we can have 100% all functions. We can control a particular servo, so that we can move 1 or more together to create a posture or movement.

One problem could be the communication betweeen VB.NET and Arduino. Because there isn’t a servo shield, and there needs to be  a piece of code that can give us simultaneous motion and 10 servo with adjustable speed performance! The communication between Vb.NET and Arduino is via a USB cable But we can also use Bluetooth if we wish.

biped humanoid robot 4

biped humanoid robot 6

biped humanoid robot 7


The Robot Hands

The hands have 5 degrees of freedom,so they can produce all the movements like a human hand. There is a gripper so it can hold on to objects.Its hands use a MG996 servo for forward and backward,one 9g servo for the rotate of the second clavicle.

biped humanoid robot 8

biped humanoid robot 9

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