Build a Wall-E Robot


[Oscar Liang] built this Wall-E robot from the movie! He will be able to dance around, recognized objects, colour and faces. He will also understand speech commands.

There is  a camera in his eye, the information will be processed in the computer, and commands are sent via Bluetooth back the Wall-E. It can also recognized sounds, and can be controlled manually as a spy robot.

This project uses C++ with Qt Framework and OpenCV library.
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Plan to Build a Wall-E Robot

I think i have most of the project planned, and come up with quite a few functionalities.

For Object tracking and recognition, I will write the code myself with OpenCV in C++. And the program will run on a PC, images are transmitted from Wall-E using the wireless Wecam, and after processing the corresponding cammands will be sent back to Wall-E via bluetooth.

I have been looking very hard for programming solution for speech recognition, and hope someone has already wriiten a API or some sort. And Iaccidentally bumpped into a YouTube Video showing a much simpler way of doing this – EasyVR Arduino Shield! So I might use that instead of writing codes myself!


The Wall-E Robot Frame

The robot frame was from eBay.  It’s only got one motor, which means it can only turn left, or go forward. Moves its hands as well, but that’s pretty much it.

build a wall-e robot

He took the simple Wall-E toy apart, and got rid of the unnecessary parts.

build a wall-e robot

Object Recognition

As a starting point, he wrote a Qt program to detect colour (red), and send out command via serial port to Arduino  to turn Wall-E’s head to follow the object, and  a few more functionality in the program like adjusting the video properties, and better threading coding.

Wall-E Robot Assembing

Assembling the eye. Hot Glue gun is really helpful 🙂

build a wall-e robot

build a wall-e robot


Her is the motor driver, more detail can be found:


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