How to Build a Quadcopter – Four Good Tutorials

To build a DIY quadcopter you will need both hardware and software skills. In this article, we make an overview of four best examples how to build a quadcopters, to give you some ideas how to pick up and improve these skills.

All examples use commercially available components. Depending on budget, you can choose to start one of these projects that falling in several hundred dollars. Using plug-and-play methods, these projects can be done at home by beginners with a minimum level of knowledge in programming and electronics.


Cheap, Sturdy, 1-Hour Quadcopter

Drone Nation
Here’s a quadcopter build that they did in under an hour. These guys are experienced quadcopter builders and they did took some shortcuts, but they think they could build a quadcopter from scratch within one day anyway.
 3D Robotics Ardupilot Mega  ($234).  full featured autopilot, full autonomous operation, ground control capabilities.
HobbyKing KK2 ($30). basic quadcopter flight, acrobatic and stabilized modes.
HobbyKing 9xr and FrSky module and receiver

4 x 40A Turnigy Plush ESC (motor controller)
4 x NTM 35 1100 KV motors
10″x3.8″  APC SF Props

10″x3.8″ APC SFP (counter clockwise) props (buy some extras of each prop for when you crash)
power distribution boardpresoldered or homemade power distributor


Sturdy Quadcopter Build


Comprehensive guide with simple quadcopter intended to be built by beginners with electronic skills.
With skills like basic soldering and electronic knowledge, Chris Schroeder demonstrate you step by step how to build from scratch a quadcopter. The guide is intended for beginners users with plug-and-play construction and simple programming code.

All components are purchased from Internet while for programming was used a flight control board and programming card where values were sets for the brushless Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).

Below is an impressive list with parts needed to build the quadcopter, but without extra staff needed included.


Basic QuadCopter


Simple guide that teach you how to build a simple, cheap and speedy quadcopter.
Basic QuadCopter is another guide for beginners aiming to learn how to build a simple and cheap quadcopter. These flying robots can be designed with short arms or with longer arms for propellers protection.

Build instructions from this guide are available for the case when you build a quadcopter X style. With few changes all these instructions can be used for building a quadcopter + style.



My First Quadrotor

Based on DIY method of building, this guide teach you how to build a simple, robust, and very cheap quadcopter.
Building the quadcopter described in this tutorials could be a good exercise to test your hardware and software skills. As well as other projects presented in this article, this quadcopter is inexpensive even is built from durable materials and uses a powerful atmega328 microcontroller.

Very well documented, in this guide you can find proper information to assemble the frame, attach the motors, add the propellers, add the battery, controller and wiring all components.

In the following we make a list with main components of the project and add the source from where you can purchase these.


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