Building Fun First Robot

Let’s Begin!

[renkku] from Finland made hist first robot with Picaxe along with Piezo speaker, LED and some other parts. He also managed to hook up a LDR to one of the inputs so the robot knows how bright/dark it is. A LCD display (16*2, serial) has been added, the sensors are a Sharp SRF-005 and ultrasonic detector.


Some Challenges With His First Robot

It has been difficult to teach this robot to navigate effectively. Some methods worked better than others but [renkku] is still not happy with the results. A big problem has been making it understand that he is in a corner.

first robot

first robot

first robot


first robot



For now the robot can be controlled with a remote or have him in autonomous mode. (change the mode with the remote).

Parts Used

  • Actuators / output devices: led’s, servo,piezo transducer, laser pointer (just for fun), 16 x 2 LCD, geared motors
  • Control method: remote to change between autonomous, RC and linefollowing.
  • CPU: Picaxe 28×1
  • Programming language: Picaxe basic
  • Sensors / input devices: Sharp IR, SRF05 Ultra Sound, LDR, bumper switch,homemade IR line following sensor, IR for remote

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