Multicopter Quadcopter Flight Control Hardware and Software

Here we compile all the flight controller software and hardware on the market. All with different prices and performance. Firmware options: Ardupilot Mega (which contains ArduPlane and ArduCopter among other autonomous derivatives) Multiwii which is a derivative of Arducopter MegapirateNG which is a PORT of Arducopter for the Crius board ArduplaneNG which is a PORT ...

Autonomous helicopter learns to fly

Autonomous helicopter learns to fly
The goal of this project is to push the state-of-the-art in autonomous helicopter flight: extreme aerobatics under computer control. Stanford’s autonomous helicopter group has made some impressive advancements in the field of autonomous helicopter control, including inverted hovering and performing aerobatic stunts. The group uses reinforcement learning to teach its control system various maneuvers and has been ...

Halo – Another high altitude project

Halo - Another high altitude project
HALO is a nice diy high altitude recon project. Taking a page from the Kite Arial Photography guys, they mounted the camera on a servo tilt mechanism, had radio modem control and SMS gps position updates. I’m waiting for someone to put together a similar package that glides back to home base after the balloon is released.

Five-Rotor Flying Drone – Pentacopter – Quadcopter’s Cousin 1

Five-Rotor Flying Drone - Pentacopter - Quadcopter's Cousin
Five-Rotor Flying Drone – Pentacopter Are you bored of Quadcopters? Here it comes a 5-rotor Flying Drone – Pentacopter. This amazing multicopter variations is built by [Yasuo840]. ThePentacopter is equiped with a camera , and it uses a KK2.0 v1.5 flight controller and five motors. The frame seems to be a H550 Hexcopter. He only uses five ...

Flying Linux Machine – Raspberry Pi Quadcopter

Flying Linux Machine - Raspberry Pi Quadcopter
[Matthew] built a quadcopter which is based on the Raspberry Pi! This flying drone is similar to all the others we’ve seen before  but all the processing, from reading the gyroscopes to computing exactly how much power to give each motor – is handled by a Raspberry Pi. This task is usually the domain of a ...

3D-Printed Flying Quadcopter Drone

3D-Printed Flying Quadcopter Drone
3D printing and flying drones are among the two most popular activities for Arduino owners. Here we have a project that combines both activities into one. Numerous people have purchased quadcopter drones and then outfitted them with Arduino-based control systems. Instead of just buying a quadcopter, a team at the University of Victoria in British ...