Chopsticks Quadruped Robot 2

This is a quadruped robot built by [lumi] made from Chopsticks! Although the material is cheap, it’s actually working, with LED attached to the body, it looks very cool at night. The robot is based on Arduino Nano.

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chopsticks Quadruped Robot 4

Originally inspired by OddBot’s amazing Chopsticks Robot lumi decided to follow his steps but a little bit smaller.

Building the Chopsticks Robot

So he started cutting, glueing and thinking… And he managed to made the legs with chopsticks.

chopsticks Quadruped Robot 5

chopsticks Quadruped Robot 10

He sticks with the idea of using wood, and built the chassis. The advantage is the light weight.


chopsticks Quadruped Robot 6


And this is how he attached the servos. Two chopsticks hot glued on the base serve as “brackets” to keep the servos in position. That worked and all 4 hip servos attached to the base, each fixed with two screws on the chopstick.



chopsticks Quadruped Robot 7


Here we are attaching the thighs on the hip servos. It’s just a shortened wooden spatula with a hot glued servo horn on it.

chopsticks Quadruped Robot 8

Here is the result. The base with four attached hip servos. On each hip servo attached a thigh with a knee servo for the lower leg.


chopsticks Quadruped Robot 9


And all parts are put together. In the center of the base is the battery holder for four AA battery, on the back is the Arduino Nano (on a self-made PCB for easy removing and servo connector attachment) The cables are fixed with cable ties but the tangle is still present.

The lower legs are attached too. By drilling the holes into the upper part it’s discovered that the Poly-morph inside was still sticky after 30 minutes. So, if you’re working with Poly-morph, just give it the time needed to cooling down on the inside as well.

chopsticks Quadruped Robot 11

chopsticks Quadruped Robot 12



chopsticks Quadruped Robot 3


EL wire is attached which needs 130 V power supply, it’s a fluorescent wire which is running at higher than 100 Voltage and 1000Hz when it’s lit up! (Thanks for lumi pointing this out)


chopsticks Quadruped Robot 1

chopsticks Quadruped Robot 2


Parts used:

  • Actuators / output devices: 8 micro servos
  • Control method: programmed gait,obstacle avoidance
  • CPU: Atmega 168 (arduino nano)
  • Operating system: Arduino IDE
  • Power source: 4x AA Eneloop
  • Programming language: Arduino ide
  • Sensors / input devices: Sharp IR
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2 thoughts on “Chopsticks Quadruped Robot

  1. Lumi May 23,2013 3:33 am

    Thanks for introducing my Chopstick Junior on your website.
    To build that robot was fun and took only one weekend for the hardware.

    However, I have to correct your description about the “chain of LED”. That is no LED that’s EL wire (, a fluorescent wire which is running with > 100V and 1000Hz to light up. The voltage is high but the current is very lowe, so there is no danger at all. The reaction you will get by touching the blank live 100V wire will be a light tingling but no electrical stroke.

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