Fire Fighting Quadruped Robot – Issy

This Fire Fighting Quadruped Robot is designed and built by [mikef]. Original post from

 Something About this Fire Fighting Quadruped Robot

He has built several fire-fighting robots, and several walkers, but this is the first time he combines the two. He calls this robot Issy, and he’s going to put her in the Canadian National Robot Games Competition this November, and then the Trinity Fire Fighting Robot Contest next April.

Fire Fighting Quadruped robot

Components Description

The first Issy was originally built for Mech Warfare earlier this year. This new version is about 2″ shorter in both the width and length directions, a necessary adjustment to get him inside the rules of the competitions (all entries must fit inside a 12″ cube. This new build uses similar legs, each built out of 3 Dynamixel AX-12 servos, Bioloid brackets, and SES tubing for the upright leg. The center body and chest are custom aluminum plates.

Fire Fighting Quadruped robot

She has a head similar to some of his previous fire fighting robots. The head has an IR ranger for 99% of her navigation, a sonar ranger mainly for approaching the candle (since the IR gets wiped out), an IR photo-diode for fire detection, and a duct-ed fan for fire extinguishing. Issy is using an ArbotiX Robocontroller, and power is from an 11.1 V 2200 mAh LiPO.

Fire Fighting Quadruped robot

Parts Used:

  • Actuators / output devices: 13 Dynamixel AX-12+ servos, ducted fan
  • CPU: ArbotiX Robocontroller
  • Power source: 11.1V 2000mAh LiPO
  • Sensors / input devices: GP2D12, EZ-3, IR photodiode to detect fire


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