Hobby car-like robot with Camera


I must admit that this is a great robot project. Even though the robot itself does not look complex, building something like this may become really interesting. But it keeps your imagination and creativity free – you may build whatever you want connecting much wider range of sensors, motors, servos, etc., than any other robotics kit provides.

This robot has the following features:

  • 3 wheels – 2 in the front and 1 one rear. The two wheels in the front will be motorized and will direct robot’s movement. Setting equal speed to both motors will result in straight forward/backward movement, but setting different speeds will lead to going left or right.
  • On board camera, which will give a view to the person controlling the robot. In the future the camera may be used also for automated robot’s controlling with the help of developed computer vision algorithm.
  • To mimic real cars, the car robot will have some lights – stop lights, turn lights and dimension lights.
  • It will carry some sensors on board, which may be used as for fun, as for future tasks targeted to autonomous movement.
  • And finally to make it wireless, it will have its own battery on board and a Wi-Fi communication module.

This is a Demonstrates hobby built car-like robot, which is based on Qwerk robotics board and set of other electronics/hardware.

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