Humanoid Robot Meets 3D Printer- InMoov 1

[hairygael] created a very realistic and awesome humanoid robot, the “InMoov”. This humanoid robot are built using 3D printing. This demonstration shows you how the hand and the face are made and animated to mimic a real human.

3D printed humanoid robot

The Humanoid Robot Animation

Cables or fishing rods might be added in order to control it, but it was not the purpose of this work at first. The author wants to do it with computer control eventually.

It has evolved quite a bit since the project started with designing the hand. Both arms are now functional with a torso and a head. Two Arduino boards are used to controll through MRL.

With the help of Myrobotlab and GroG, they will try to add ability to see and do things following voice commands.

3D printed humanoid robot



The Ear

These ears are for the look, they actually don’t really have a function yet. They were initially designed to act like a circus in which the microphone was inserted, but the servos are making a lot of noise and a solution is due to be found for to get these ears to listen well.

3D printed humanoid robot

Parts Used to Build this Humanoid Robot

First of all a 3d printer, and Batteries + charger.

Hand and forearm:

  • 2 Arduino UNO
  • 12 servos MG995
  • 0,8mm nylon thread/fishing rod
  • Miscealenous Bolts
  • 1500gr natural ABS

Arm and shoulder:

  • 8 Hitec HS805BB
  • Miscealenous Bolts
  • 1500gr black, yellow, natural ABS

Head and torso: Specs is not available yet because the design has not been finished.


For more parts and info, see:

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  1. mohammed Jun 16,2013 11:57 am

    hi i love you’re robot i am asking about what kind of camera do you use for the eyes
    thanks for answering
    i subscribed for you’re youtube channel

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