Internet remote controlled Dog Feeder


This automatic dog feeder was built by [Ben Miller] and his father. There are 3 posts for this projects. This feeder can be controlled via internet which means the two dogs of Ben’s can be fed remotely 🙂

After the project Ben added:

The lessons we learned during this we too numerous to write up here which was the point in doing it.  We had a blast and learned a lot.  The dogs liked our mistakes a lot as well. We had some false starts, blunders, and in the end a great lesson in hardware hacking with the Raspberry Pi.


The project converted a commercial feeder into a remote feeder. That one used Arduino, but because of the cost the board plus a WiFi shield is a bit high, [Ben] went with a Raspberry Pi and a USB WiFi dongle instead. The Pi is much more powerful and adds the functionality for capturing images via a webcam.

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