Moldable Carbon Circuits For Robotics



In this article, we make an overview of some mini-autopilot device that can be integrated in micro aerial vehicle for safety and rescue missions. this  technology is a super circuit built from carbon and very flexible.

Carbon-based electronics with high degrees of flexibility.

Metals used in electronics limited the flexibility of device and this is on the list of improvements in robotics. Researchers build prototypes of flexible electronics using metal electrodes and other materials like polymers and ionic liquids, but even these electronics have limits. A new material built from carbon-based materials is very flexible and can be molded like plastic products. This new totally flexible circuits can be easily integrated into robotics for a more flexibility and without design limits.

Integrating these carbon-based electronics in plastic components and then build robots could be a big step in functionality that leads to the new design for robots.

A molding technique used to build plastic products it is available in the manufacturing process of passive elements such as resistors, inductors, capacitors, or active elements.

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