ODRi – Omni-Directional Research Platform


This interesting project was created by Tal Avivi and Shachar Geiger to test the feeling of omni-directional driving using various control techniques. The creators were given the task of designing a 1-person electrical urban vehicle.

There’s a video of it embedded above. It can be driven using three different input styles: an accelerometer joystick, a traditional gamepad, or body mass shift. They started with an Arduino, but needed more I/O and had to switch to a Wiring board (this was before the Mega). The platform is built mostly from scrap. The accelerometers were placed in an old Microsoft Sidwinder. The standard joystick is from a Sega Mega Drive. The weight sensors are out of cheap home scales.

It currently has 3 interface options: An “analog” handle (with accelerometer indside); a “digital” handle (with left, right, forward, backward buttons) and weight sensors, which sense the body mass shift.
The project was made for Texperience course in Bezalel academy in Jerusalem.

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