A 3 DOF Quadruped Robot By Mox

This is Mox’s (from Letsmakerobot) first attempt at Quadruped robots. He has so far developed a spider gait for the quadruped robot, and when he’s walking, it’s kind of creepy!

quadruped robot

Quadruped Robot Parts:

  • Actuators / output devices: 12 servomotor HITEC HS322HD
  • Control method: SSC32 card and PC with RS232 communication / free soft by Lynxmotion
  • CPU: Atmega168 on SSC32 and PC for com
  • Power source: external lab alim
  • Sensors / input devices: URM37 ultrasonic (in devellopement ….. )

Updates from Him:

I make all the part myself with aluminum plate.

For now, it’s just control by my computer link to it with a RS232 connection, and a SSC32 controlling servomotor card by Lynxmotion (a real good card i think 🙂

Today I’m trying to control it with an Arduino car but the com with UART between the two cards is not operational for the moment 🙁 I’m also trying to include a URM37 ultrasound sensor 🙂

The first step was to create a second axis for all servos.

I used some support of roller-blade ball-bearing, and I stuck it to the servo with cyanoacrylate adhesive :

quadruped robot P1010831


P1010846 P1010852 P1010856 P1010866P1010858 P1010868


P1010874 P1010878 P1010898


P1010884 P1010889 P1010886 quadruped robot

[original post from http://letsmakerobots.com/node/28077]

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