Racing Car Robot

Introducing you the Racing Car Robot!

This is a Racing Car Robot from Let’s make robot, and it is automatic and drives just like a real racing car! Very cool! All credit goes to fritsl on Letsmakerobot.

The car-chase was made by holding a camera on a stick, chasing the cars around. Some clips where made by placing the camera on a record-player. All editing was done in the standard “free” program that comes with a Mac, called iMovie. It is a nice program for light editing.. but phew, it was pushed to make this

The second video shows some work with the skid-turning. It also shows improved handling in general.

Notice how it sometimes misleading when the wall is not 90 degrees, but has bumps. But also how it handles getting out again 😀 (Me proud, love this, think it is cool, it drives so much better than what I can do with remote myself)

Of course I could just give it some more space to turn in the code, to drive more “safe”, but I kind of like it to be tight 🙂 And notice how it never bumps into anything else – the polystyrene-blocks would fly right off if it hit them.

If you make cars like this:

Racing Car Robot


One sensor (Could also be infra-red or whatever) looks ahead, another looks to the right.

How it works:

  • If something in front, turn left, go to main.
  • If something closer than 30 cm to the right, turn left, go to main.
  • if nothing in front and something closer than 70 cm to the right, drive ahead, go to main.
  • If nothing to the right closer than 70 cm, turn right, go to main.


Racing Car at your home!

Your home is a racing track, you just do not know it yet

Look at your floor where it meets a wall.


Between 30 and 70 cm from that goes an imaginary path, following along the wall.

Where the wall meets another wall, or there is an obstacle, the track follows in a smooth path, always 30-70 cm away, on the floor..

But a single car is just test-labs, isn’t it?

Now take 2 cars with the exact same setup as above, let’s say a red car & a blue car. Now it get’s interesting!

Racing Car Robot

If red car is behind blue car, what does it do?

Well.. Something (blue car) is in front, so we turn left to take over.. until nothing is on the right, so we pull back.. That is trying to take over!

At a point the blue car is turning left because there is something in front.

Then the red car will have the inner track..

Racing Car Robot Racing Car Robot Racing Car Robot Racing Car Robot Racing Car Robot

Racing Car Robot



What is actually going on, is that one car is behind, but istrying to take over. When it is in front, the other will fight to get ahead, and we have a full race. 🙂

You can take Red & Blue and place them next to each other, next to the wall. They will both drive full speed ahead, until a turn, where the inner car will have advantage.

Racing Car Robots are born

had these 2 cheap RC cars with crap maneuvering abilities, and thought of what I could do with them. Crap – but still; They sort of drive like cars – not like differential steered robots.

It has been quite simple, have experimented with AZ8222’s instead of motor drivers. And just a Picaxe on a standard board, simple and fast.

Of course, when turning angle is not enough to avoid obstacles, maneuvers with reverse and 3-point turns must be done. But this is why we have a microcontroller, and it is not spoiling the fun – on the contrary 🙂

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