Real life Pac-man using Roomba Robots



A team of developers have hacked five floor-cleaning bots to create a sort of OCD version of the game, with the Pac-Man bot sucking up little white rectangles whilst being chased by robot incarnations of Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde.

The hacked robots used to recreate the 1980s arcade game are creating a lot of buzz on technology sites, giving bloggers geek goosebumps.


But, when the Pac-Man vacuum finds a power pellet those ghostly rovers turn blue and start fleeing. The tech is supposed to be a demonstration of the developers’ Unmanned Aerial System suite, designed for guidance of airborne vehicles, but we’re too busy geeking out to care about potential real-world applications of this tech.

At a glance it may look like a fun game where the Roomba cleaners are being controlled by a bunch of remote controls that people are controlling. That low tech scenario could not be further from what is actually happening here. There is lots of tech making these Roomba robots play! A user interface that human operators can see running on a laptop is wirelessly connected to the Pac-Man robots.

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