Really Fast and Compact Arduino IR Robot 2

Arduino Robot with a ultrasonic sensor is not unusual, but this Arduino Ultrasonic Robot built by [Ro-Bot-X] could be one of the fastest.

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Really Fast and Compact Arduino Ultrasonic Robot


Design of the Arduino IR Robot

He made this small Arduino robot using an Arduino Duemilanove and the Robot Builder’s Shield and a chassis plate so he can mount the parts on.

He came up with this design that looked so compact that it eventually became the name of the Arduino IR Robot – Compact. After a little AutoCAD drawing, some CamBam fiddling and nerve braking CNC-ing, there is the first imperfect chassis plate:



The mounted parts are the motors, battery holders, the ball caster, the Arduino board and the servo. A shield is installed on top of the Arduino. 6V Battery is used, the resulted regulated voltage is 4.88V.


Parts Used:

  • Actuators / output devices: 2 x 1:100 Pololu micro motors
  • Control method: autonomous
  • CPU: Arduino Duemilanove 328
  • Power source: 6V, 4 AAA Cells
  • Programming language: C/C++
  • Sensors / input devices: Sharp IR


DSC00785_resize DSC00786_resize Really Fast and Compact Arduino Ultrasonic Robot 2 octobot-005

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2 thoughts on “Really Fast and Compact Arduino IR Robot

  1. Ro-Bot-X Sep 15,2013 10:05 pm

    Dear webmaster, please correct the error in this article: this robot’s sensor is not an Ultrasonic sensor, but a Sharp Infrared Range sensor (IR sensor). Funny, it is listed correctly in the parts list.
    Also, would you please be so nice to link the original article(s) to this one, as a credit to my work? I posted this robot on 2 sites plus my blog. Here are the links:

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