Robot Works in a Pub – James



James is designed to recognize the gesture of customers and works as a fully bartenders that can serve people in real pubs. James should be able to understand users who have no prior knowledge about the robot and who have not been briefed in any way. In the noisy environment of a night club, the system cannot rely on its language components only.

This wonderful robot is designed to recognize human social behavior and serve the people with drink. This idea isn’t new since a lot of patrons add on the list of employees robots who takes orders from a touchscreen or other interfaces. Even around the world robots are implemented in pubs, James comes to define the rules for a real bartender. This robot is designed to replace a real bartender which implies the ability to select, mix, and serve the drinks.

The plastic and metal bartender uses a tablet as head and has only one arm. Its features include the ability to recognize when someone wants to order a drink.

The project aims at advancing technology such that James can display socially intelligent behavior that humans take for granted in daily life. ‘In order to respond appropriately to its customers the robot must be able to recognize human social behavior,’ explains Professor De Ruiter.

Born in the labs of Battlefield University, researchers’ study the people how order drinks and program the robot to recognize these gestures.

The final version of James has to be the perfect bartender that serves the people rapidly and in the same manner as a real barman.

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