Robotic Cats

Here are some very cool Cat Robots.


First up is NeCoRo. Released in 2001, this is probably the most recognized commercial robot cat; renowned for its creepiness.

Not wanting to be shut out of a market Sega has developed their own creepy cat. Yume Neko Smile is available for $72 and as the video demonstrates, gets very annoyed when you pull its tail.


Household robot cats aren’t a new invention. Straight out of the “Teddy Ruxpin era”, comesPetster Deluxe. The fur covered robotic lump can avoid obstacles, respond to claps, or use a wired remote.


Philips Research’s entry into this feline nightmare is the iCat. It’s a 38cm tall cat equipped with 13 servos to control facial movements. The goal is to have shared platform for researching man machine interaction: man’s interaction with weird looking cats.

Hobby robot company Dynamizer took the popularity of humanoid robots and developed an entry level cat robot. It’s designed to be cheap and easy to expand with new sensors.

Above is a cat robot scratch built by Lim Tian Siak.

Finally, we have Elvis, the cyborg cat. He lost use of his hind legs in an accident, so hisBattleBot building caretakers created a bot he could drive by pressing on two buttons. It seems, given the right equipment cats would spend their days spinning clockwise.

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