Simple Hexapod Robot By Oddbot

18 DOF Hexapod Robots are very popular, because no one would have thought 12 DOF simple hexapod robot could walk as good as the 18DOF one. But [Oddbot] has proven this is wrong!

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Simple Hexapod Robot with only 2DOF per leg

His 12 DOF Hexapod Robot has only 2 servos per leg, which means the movement is not as complicated and flexible as the 18 DOF Hexapod robot where we have 3 servos per leg. But his work has enabled the robot to walk very fast and fluid.

Control Method

You can even control the walking speed and direction of travel. This robot is also equipped with a IR receiver, so with properly programming you can control this robot with a DVD or TV remote control. Pretty awesome huh!?

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