Simple Hexapod Robot With Only 5 Servos 1

Getting Started with this simple hexapod robot

This is [patrickmccabe]’s first robot with legs. It is a very simple hexapod robot with only 5 servos for the legs. It uses a sharp sensor to detect objects. When the robot runs into something, it first turns right and makes a reading, then it turns left and makes a reading. Check out the video for performance. Try to pay attention to its movements, it’s real beauty.

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simple hexapod robot

How to make the legs

He has a desktop band saw which he used to cut out all the parts for this robot. He also used lexan for the leg.

simple hexapod robot


simple hexapod robot


simple hexapod robot

simple hexapod robot


This simple hexapod robot makes a 360 spin which it takes as 9 point turns. At each point it takes a reading. It compares all the readings and decides which way is best. In the video it demonstrates this with a small gap for the robot to go through. The robot basically is making a simple map, very simple, and finding the biggest hole to go through.

Parts Used:

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  1. pinhead May 14,2013 11:11 am

    that’s so cute

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