Speech Controlled Wheel Chair

wheel chair

[Amnon] designed this speech controlled electric wheel chair. They connected a hm2007 speech recognition kit to an Innovation FIRST controller board on an electric wheel chair chasis. Additional sensors detect stairs and other obstacles.

A speech recognition system (HM2007) was connected to an Innovation FIRST controller board, and they both where mounted on an old electric wheel chair. Some 12 Sensors were also mounted on the chair for detecting Stairs, obstacles and slops. The man on the chair speaks to a microphone, and the HM2007 recognizes the word and sends its code to the FIRST microcontroller. The C code on the FIRST controller receives the code from the HM2007 and the data from the sensors, and after processing it all together the controller outputs two voltage that tell the chair controller where and how fast to go.

The chair also got an EMIC text-to-speech module. This module vocally speaks out warnings to the man on the chair.

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