Two-Legged Robot With Guns – Giger

Again, [Tyberius] Built a very cool humanoid two-legged robot, but it’s holding a gun this time! This robot uses the Gumstix onboard computer. This is final version he built exclusively to compete in Mech Warfare.

humanoid robot with guns

Two-legged Robot Walking Stability

The robot is walking much more stable because the Bezier curve interpolation is coming into play now. The Farrell’s Gumstix Controller and software really shines through here. The author reckons he can easily get another 50% speed out of this without trying too hard.

humanoid robot with guns



Some Insigts into this two-legged robot

He used this robot to compete in humanoid competitions in Korea last year, and learned a lot while there. This robot is actually a ground-up rebuild which more or less replaced every part on his last humanoid two-legged robot Giger. He ended up losing 10 cm in height and about 1 kg of excess weight, so it was well worth it. It’s much more stable now and has a considerably lower COG.  Eventually I plan on adding hands and using weapons that I can actually hold/manipulate.

humanoid robot with guns

Robot Parts Used:

  • Actuators / output devices: 14 EX-106 Dynamixel Actuators, 8 RX-64 Dynamixel Actuators, 2 RX-24F Dynamixel Actuators
  • Control method: Controlled via Bluetooth HID connection to PS3 SixAxis controller.
  • CPU: 400 mhz Verdex Pro Gumstix
  • Operating system: Linux
  • Power source: 5S 18.5v 2000mAh Lipo pack
  • Programming language: C
  • Sensors / input devices: High-Res camera

humanoid robot with guns

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