Ultimaker2 Two New 3D printers –


Ultimaker is now at the second generation and comes with a faster and more accurate system for printing. This is the first time when we write about the noise generated in the printing process. Ultimaker 2 generates only 49 decibels of sound, which is a very low sound.

For pre-processing the 3D files users have available a customizable software called Cura. Cura is faster and is a very powerful tool for building prototypes with draft printing option.

We have to include in this short overview features like WiFi connectivity, support for multiple printing materials, and a large printing envelope with 22.5 centimeter in depth, 22.5 centimeters in length, and 20.5 centimeters in height

Compatible with .stl files, an entire community waiting to share a wide range of models.





With a simple structure and with aluminum frame, GMax is a large personal 3D printer with an incredible layer resolution of 75 microns. Modular structure that can be modified in minutes to fit your project. It has a build envelope of 40 centimeters in depth, 40 centimeters in length, and 23 centimeters in height, enough to print robots at home.

The printer is designed to work with both PLA or ABS filaments with 1.75mm in diameter. The printer is connected to a PC through USB cable, or can print the objects from SD card.

Max can be purchased as a kit with a simple aluminum based structure that can be easily modified to suit your project. The modular design allows users to modify the structure in minutes by sliding the top structure.

Depending on model, the advanced model GMax can be controlled from an LCD screen where are displayed all controls on the printer.

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