Very Fast Micro Sumo Robot 1

Micro Sumo Robot finish

This is a small size Micro Sumo robot built by [-Gary] on Let’s make robot. This robot is so fast it often runs out of the ring! It’s got IR sensors that detect objects, and black lines on the ground. It can push object while keeping itself inside a black ring.

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Micro Sumo Robot Chassis

Chassis plates are made from G10 phenolic 1.5mm thick. Bot dims are 49mm x 49mm x 55mm tall. Lower plate supports the motor/gearbox. The middle plate is used to mount the Edge Sensors and the Upper Plate supports the Battery holder and Sharp IR Sensor plus risers for the PCB.

Micro Sumo Robot assembling

Motors, Wheels and Tyres

These motors are from GizmoZone #GH8102S-B. The gearbox holds the geartrain is Delrin plastic.

Micro Sumo Robot motor

Micro Sumo Robot bottom


The wheels came from the slotcar world. they are  cut just wide enough to save the hub.

Micro Sumo Robot wheel


Battery Holder

It’s a DIY 4x 1/3AA rechargeable Battery holder from nylon. Held in place between the Sharp IR screws and a rubber band.

Micro Sumo Robot body

Micro Sumo Robot body wheel

Brain of the Micro Sumo Robot- Custom PCB

The PCB was designed by himself. It uses the Picaxe 18x microprocessor with a L293D motor controller chip. 3-LED’s provide the 5-second start sequence and female headers for all connections except for the programming cable.

Micro Sumo Robot picax

Micro Sumo Robot picax2


Here is what he described his work:

Here is the Micro-Sumo bot that I designed and built. I finished my Mini-Sumo and started looking at the next smaller size. A robot 50mm square looked like something I could make so I decided to give it a try. The design was made in SolidWorks. All parts were made by me. It weighed in at 107 grams. A bit heavy but I can trim that much in a couple places.

He was a lot of fun to build. The bot worked better than I had hoped after the code was tweaked to control his speed. I had some extra boards left and sold them to a University instructor in Turkey for his students. The board worked well for the Micro-Sumo class robot. Unfortunately I was never able to put the bot in a competition as there are no local clubs.


Micro Sumo Robot

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  1. masaleiro Sep 9,2013 2:21 am

    Wow! Great work! Just love the small form factor and how it all fits together 🙂

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