Vexplorer Computer Control

[kernsy] developed a module that can be soldered into the Vexplorer remote that allows computer control of the Vexplorer robot.  It’s a nice little PICAXE based hack to provide computer control of a VExpolorer kit robot. The PICAXE takes serial commands and outputs the pulse commands normally generated by the controls directly to the RF chipset in the remote.


First you need to hack into the Vexplorer remote, open it up and remove all screws so you can expose the back side of the PCB. You will need to cut (destructive) or desolder (Potentially reversible) the top pin of the large IC from its pad. Solder a wire to the small surface mount resistor pictured. You will input your pulse train to the RF section of the electronics at this point.

Here is a link to some video of the VEXplorer following a path of checkers.

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