Zoomer the smart electronic pet


Zoomer is an electronic puppy who can move around, bark and learn tricks. It has an iOS and Android app that allows kids to learn how to train their new pet. There have been lots of attempts at a robot dog over the years including Sony’s smart Dog robot Aibo.

One feature that I think a lot of parents will like is that it has a rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cable for charging – no batteries to worry about and older kids should be able to manage to recharge their pet themselves. Zoomer has sensors that allow him to sense objects in front of him and react. You can also push a button on Zoomers back and he will randomly do a trick.

It responds to voice commands and he does it pretty well. As the video shows, he does not always understand you. In addition, if you are in a loud room, it will be very hard for Zoomer to hear the commands. Still, even if Zoomer is not getting all the commands right (just like a real dog) he is still fun.

As with all previous robot dogs, the more you play with Zoomer, the more he learns (and, like a real dog, sometimes forgets).

How do we know Zoomer is a “he”? Because when Zoomer is instructed to pee, he lifts his hind leg rather than squats. Zoomer is the perfect family pet! This cute, silly and interactive dog is all of the fun and none of the responsibility. Kids can easily play with Zoomer because he actually listens and learns. And just like any other dog, he even sometimes forgets! With life-like expressions and voice activated commands, Zoomer is the most technologically advanced robotic dog ever made.

Zoomer’s Features:

  • The more you play with him, the more tricks he will learn
  • Flexible tail for real wagging action
  • Rotational core allows him to fully roll over
  • LED eyes with blinking and tracking capabilities
  • Voice command receiver for intuitive play
  • Chest sensors track objects and know when you’re scratching his belly
  • Easy trick button shows you a sneak peek at Zoomer’s tricks
  • Hypoallergenic

Zoomer Includes:

  • 1 Zoomer Family Pet
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Quick Trick Guide (User Instruction Guide)

You can get Zoomer from the Amazon shop:
Spin Master Zoomer Dalmation Dalmatian Robotic Dog


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